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Real Maoists Support Lakota National Liberation, Fakes Don’t.

Last week, a group called the Lakota Freedom Movement declared that it is withdrawing from all treatise with the U.S.. This group, which includes Native American activist and actor Russell Means, says it intends to set up its own state and has sent the news via delegation to Washington. Red Guard Camp enthusiastically welcomes this act as a step towards the liberation of the oppressed Lakota nation. As Maoists, it is our duty to lend full support for the national struggles of oppressed nations.

RGC intentionally held off on reporting this news so that the response it generated could be analyzed. Of most interest is the response from so-called Maoists and revolutionaries. Let’s see how they fared.

Monkey Smashes Heaven, which has shown itself to be a leading light of First World Maoism, was quick to pick up this story and support the Lakota Freedom Movement and its struggle for national liberation. The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver also reposted a press release on the historic event.

Real Maoists and real revolutionaries also support national liberation against imperialism unconditionally. A key test for revolutionaries is the support lent towards national liberation when there are no widely visible national liberation movements.

Shubel Morgan, a groundbreaking Maoist agitprop artist, has made several videos about national liberation, Maoist revolution, white settlerism, and amerika’s founding genocide. Additionally, Shubel Morgan has begun releasing these videos in a number of languages; thus helping to advance Maoism and national liberation on an international scale. Shubel Morgan has demonstrated a critical dedication towards the cause of national liberation and anti-imperialist revolution.

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver has also came out as a firm supporter of national liberation. They have produced a number of articles in support of oppressed nations and have created agitation art towards the same end. They’ve promoted events highlighting the truth about amerika’s genocidal past and ones supporting Mexican national liberation. According to their blog, RAIM-Denver has also been active in Mayday pro-immigration rallies and Kolumbus Day counter-protests. Whereas Shubel Morgan and Monkey Smashes Heaven have done much to promote national liberation far, wide and deep, RAIM-Denver has been working to promote and support national liberation on a local level. All are proving themselves to be genuine and all-around friends of revolution.

The pseudo-Maoists on the other hand appear not to support the Lakota Freedom Movement. That they have been silent on this issue is a clear indication of this. Instead of supporting current national liberation struggles or supporting them generally, pseudo-Maoists at best mention national liberation in passing without clearly defining it. More likely, pseudo-Maoists obscure the role of national liberation completely.

Leftspot for instance, on Decemeber 26th [almost a week after the news first broke], posted an all-around sucky article about the contributions of Mao. This article failed to even mention national liberation or the united front against imperialism. Instead, Leftspot chose to glorify the “mass-line.”

But Leftspot wasn’t the only one who apparently doesn't give a fuck about this recent news. In fact, one can barely find a mention of the Lakota Freedom Movement throughout the pseudo-maoist blogospehere or from the litany of fake-revolutionary organizations. The silence about the Lakota Freedom Movement is quite telling. What is even more a indicative of their corrupted “line” is what they chose to talk about instead.

Fakes have distorted Maoism to the points where it duplicitously supports “national liberation” while diminishing the role of actual national liberation struggles. Leftspot, Mike Ely, etc push an idealistic and non-Marxist “mass-line” which smears over anything resembling a class analysis. In this manner, garbage pile “maoism" is a vehicle for the advancement the labor-aristocray and a tool used to negate the specific role of oppressed nations. All of this happens while psuedo-maoists generally ignore both the Lakota Freedom Movement and the direct criticisms that I have made of their reactionary politics.

Leftspot, Mike Ely and the rest of the pseudo-maoist circus have proven themselves to be fakes of the worst kind. They have proven themselves as people who take up “Maoism” while at the same time opposing national liberation and the most vibrant and dedicated modern anti-imperialist struggles. They have steadfastly dumped the struggles of oppressed nations against imperialism and instead taken up the cause of an united labor-aristocracy. Their lack of support for the Lakota Freedom Movement , their constant obfuscation of national liberation and their steadfast support for a nonexistent white proletariat are all testament to the bankrupt and ultimately social-facist nature of their "maoist" politics.
Update 12.28.07
Rumor is that Putin is considering recognition of the Lakota Nation as a sovereign state.

Update 1.03.08
The Lakotah Freedom Movement website has a new url:
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