Saturday, December 22, 2007

Note On Leftspot

Well, these posts have been going for quite a while with no word from “Leftspot.” For the record, I’ve left his blog a couple comments but he apparently didn’t “approve” of them.

I really hope that our international comrades are paying attention to this polemic and LeftSpot’s outright refusal to defend his bankrupt views. Pseudo-maoists like Leftspot deserve no credibility.
"Not to reply to an argument of one's opponent on a question of principle, and to ascribe only 'pathos' to him, means not to argue but to turn to abuse"
V.I. Lenin, "Some Remarks of the 'Reply' by P. Maslov" Collected Works Vol XV

“Abuse in politics often covers up the utter lack of ideological content, the helplessness and the impotence, the annoying impotence of the abuser.”
V.I. Lenin, "The Political Significance of Abuse"

Both quoted by Mao in On the Question of Stalin.
Update 12-24-07

Well I don't think Leftspot is going to defend his views. In the two days since I've first made this post, he's taken the time to display his "leftist" wikipedia-like understanding of Maoism but in the three+ weeks since I posted Part 1, he hasn't found time to even acknowledge my criticism.

Anyways, I'm going to send him one more comment. Will he respond? Probably not. But at least no one can say I didn't try.

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