Thursday, March 27, 2008

Overview of FW Maoist Entities

The following is a list of entities which nominally uphold a correct line on imperialist class structure, which also happen to have an internet presence and claim or appear to be active.

I would advise anyone to take all of these with a grain of salt. I myself take some more seriously than the others.

One problem is that some of these entities stick with theory and others appear to be trying to work out a practice. It's kinda of hard to compare the two. Additionally, it's extremely hard to read a practice from a computer screen- especially when relying on the webpage of the given entity.

This post is itself commentary, not analysis. The point isn't to break down each entity, nor is it one completely of idle banter. Instead, I am hoping that such a post will start critical thought of each group's specific (and sometimes divergent) lines and practices. In the end, what matters in not my personal inclination to this or that entity, it's what is pushing the revolution forward.

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Rural People’s Party

Rural People’s Party claims be a collective in South Carolina. As far as I know, it is the oldest independent formation on this list [although MSH and SM/AOM have continuity with the earlier independent IRTR cell].

They have traditionally upheld a correct line on imperialist class structure. Additionally, they uphold Jonestown and northern Korea under Kim Jong Il as examples of socialism. RGC, though hasn’t investigated these claims, tends to disagree. Jonestown, insofar as it was ‘socialism on a small scale’ was build around an unsustainable cult. Northern Korea is likely a form of State capitalism which includes a thin bureaucratic capitalist class (including Kim).

What makes RPP unique is their proclaimed creation of a commune in South Carolina. In the past, the RPP has extended open invitations for people to visit the “Peoples’ Commune.”

The RPP doesn’t seem to be explaining in practical terms how this translates into revolutionary activity (I.e pushing revolution forward). Instead it has explained this strategy in broad abstract terms.

Recently RPP has written about its rural focus in two documents. The first, The First World Fetishism, seems to signify a separation from a tight Third Worldist trend, arguing instead that we must focus on the First World and what we can do here. Overall, the logic in this document has many many flaws. The second, Why We Uphold the Rural Aspect, similarly contains a sort of non-logic.

RGC tends to take RPP with a grain of salt. They uphold many unorthodox and unpopular views, even within the M-TWist camp, and it's hard to see how RPP could possible be doing this for scientific reasons.

Monkey Smashes Heaven

Monkey Smashes Heaven is a blog that focuses largely on theory. Claiming to have evolved out of the It’s Right to Rebel messageboard/cell, MSH has continued to develop in clear ways away from traditional “MIM Thought.” MSH was the first from the trend to publicly denounce MIM.

One major break is with MIM’s line on First World gender. MSH considers FW women to be mainly tied to their labor aristocratic nation-class. This line especially comes out in MSH’s Stand In Gender Line and the more recent International Women’s Day statement.

RGC’s thought is that substituting nation for gender is erroneous. Their isn't a global patriarchy system. Patriarchy is a largely globalized contradiction that happens between gendered males and females in a given society, including within the FW. However, such a contradiction is qualitatively affected by parasitism and thus must by looked at through this lens.

Overall, FW women are not part of the toiling masses nor part of any sort of revolutionary mass base. They are still oppressed through the contradiction of gender though in different manners and to a much lesser degree.

More recently, MSH released the document The Sun Rises In The East[..] in which "Maoism -Third Worldism" is outlined. Summarizing important lessons since the Cultural Revolution, Maoism-Third Worldism is the name for a new universal stage of revolutionary thought. Everyone should read it. Hopefully I’ll get around to commenting on this in the near future.

Shubel Morgan/Art of Maoism

Considered a fraternal organization by MSH, Shubel Morgan/AOF also developed out of the IRTR cell. Initially focusing on video shorts, SM/AOM has recently began pioneering its own theoretical work, particularly on the Theory of Productive Forces. Along with MSH, SM/AOM has is presenting an all around critique of this theory in a very succinct and understandable way. Additionally, SM/AOM videos have always been quite well, both in terms of aesthetics and line. RGC looks forward to seeing SM/AOM’s continued work. Keep up the great work!

Maoist Information Website
This website claims to be doing theory work. I find much of its work rather hard to read, part because of the technical language and part because of sometimes nearly incomprehensible sentence structure.

New Afrikan Maoist Party

This entity claims to be a Maoist vanguard party for the Black nation. Currently they claim to be in their first congress.

One thing I noticed was that they seem to tail much of MIMs work: their newsletter often reprints MIM articles. Needless to say, RGC is not much in favor of this approach. Another thing I’m leery of are vanguard party schemes in bourgeoisiefied nations. This applies the U.S. Black nation as well.

Of the entities which claim to have an on the ground presence, NAMP reports the least on it. However, that is not cause for speculation.

In any case, it’s my sincerest wishes the NAMP pushes forward onto a relevant and sustainable praxis.

Revolutionary Anti Imperialist Movement- Denver

RAIM-Denver claims to be a loosely organized formation in Denver. Of those on the list which claim to have an on-the-ground presence, RAIM-Denver seems to be the most active in terms of “mass” work.

Unlike MIM’s past mass organization, the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League, RAIM-Denver doesn’t claim to be under the leadership of another entity. Nor does it even claim to be a Maoist formation.

Long Live the Victory of People’s War is on their short recommended readings list however. RAIM-Denver has also reposted agitational art by TW Maoist Third-Wordist entities. Additionally, MSH publicly calls RAIM-Denver part of the proletarian camp: both MSH and SH/AOM link RAIM as an anti-imperialist organization. I think it’s safe to assume that RAIM-Denver is conscious of Maoism-Third Worldism.

Not since RAIL has there been so much apparent Maoist activity on the ground. RAIM-Denver has reported to have been active at anti-war protests, pro-migration rallies, mass demonstrations against Columbus Day. RAIM-Denver posts events happening around many of these issues.

Though quite apparently an anti-imperialist formation, RAIM-Denver doesn’t theoretically connect a materialist account of class structure with there own First World practice . When they do attempt to, such as in their Turn The World Upsidedown statement, they are extremely vague and offer little in terms of substance.

Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons

Apparently evolving out of the Maoist International Movement’s Ministry of Prisons, MIM-Prisons only recently became a nominally independent entity.

In any case prison work seems to be of great importance. A disproportionately nationally oppressed mass of imprisoned people with much time to pass- could one imagine a better group within the U.S. where some sort of mass-line could apply?

There to do work “leftover by MIM", MIM-lite generally isn’t contributing anything. By even placing it on this list, I am giving more legitimacy than it actually deserves.

Whoever is behind all this need to hang up the ropes, take a break, and try to come to political work under a different name and with a clearer thought. At this point, the only thing that is being accomplished is the continued muddying of the “MIM” name. Best wishes on that.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MIM Theory

MIM said that after it closed down new ‘operations’ on its etext website it would post PDFs of MIM Theory. Sadly, as of yet this has not happened.

MIM should stand by it’s word and publish all issue of MIM Theory in full. Doing anything but is a disservice to the proletariat.

For those who haven’t gotten a chance to read them:

While they should be read critically, MIM Theory contains some of the better English “Maoist” writings ever. If MIM ever gets around to publishing them, everyone should definitely read them.

Oh, the irony

Over on Mike Ely’s blog, a tizzy is being thrown over RCP’s “non response.”

But really, Mike Ely and Co. got a response- just not the one they wanted.

Instead of some sort of air time in the form of a name-drop or a response to the whatever points Nine Letters purportedly contains, the RCP published a wordy “Fuck You” anonymously directed to Mike and the rest of the rightist splitters.

But why should Mike and the rest of the disaffected RCPers expect anything more? Afterall, MIM has been pointing out flaws and revisionist thinking within the RCP for decades. The RCP nor Mike Ely have ever attempted to respond to these criticisms or any others coming from a similar direction. Fuck, I published a direct criticism a few months ago and there hasn’t been a single response, not even vague indirect ones.

So I have to ask, why in the world does Mike Ely think his trite little “critique” deserves some sort of special attention?