Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh, the irony

Over on Mike Ely’s blog, a tizzy is being thrown over RCP’s “non response.”

But really, Mike Ely and Co. got a response- just not the one they wanted.

Instead of some sort of air time in the form of a name-drop or a response to the whatever points Nine Letters purportedly contains, the RCP published a wordy “Fuck You” anonymously directed to Mike and the rest of the rightist splitters.

But why should Mike and the rest of the disaffected RCPers expect anything more? Afterall, MIM has been pointing out flaws and revisionist thinking within the RCP for decades. The RCP nor Mike Ely have ever attempted to respond to these criticisms or any others coming from a similar direction. Fuck, I published a direct criticism a few months ago and there hasn’t been a single response, not even vague indirect ones.

So I have to ask, why in the world does Mike Ely think his trite little “critique” deserves some sort of special attention?


Anonymous said...

And *I* have to ask why you think that these phony "Maoists" deserve any attention. I encourage you to contribute positively rather than wasting your time on posers, phonies, and other enemies.

Anonymous said...

white nationalist avakianites arent suppoesed to be in the spotlight, at least we have someone here who is trying to point out what these pigs have with their first worldist shit.