Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Nine Letters “Critique” of RCP Drops, No Big Deal.

Around the First World pseudo-maoist pseudo-scene, a small fervor is building around a document entitled Nine Letters to Our Comrades. The document, billed as a “maoist” critique of the RCP, was collectively written and attributed to Mike Ely, a former high-level stage-manager inside the party.

To their credit, Mike Ely and Co. have taken “maoist” creative writing to a new level. Flowery language does well to cover-up for lack of substance. But substance isn’t what Mike Ely is about; hyperbole and idealism is. No doubt, this document is somewhat of a rallying cry for many disaffected pseudo-maoist.

Per usual, Red Guard Camp isn’t impressed. In the cliché “maoist” fashion, Nine Letters runs roughshod over material class analysis, instead preferring abstract conjectures. The actual critique of the RCP is that “real mass-line” has taken a backseat to the Avakian personality-cult.

Red Guard Camp understands this for what it is: another link in the chain of endless platitudes and polemics about “mass-line,” the usual idealist and subjective class “analysis,” and another twist and one more split in the New “Communist” Movement.

All and all this document doesn’t matter. Just like every other splitter document in the sordid history of the NCM, it has little weight and will result in absolutely nothing of significance. There is about an ice cubes chance in hell that any sort of functioning political entity will congeal around this document. Rather, Mike Ely looks to be another Ben Seattle, doomed to spend the rest of his active life handing down lofty pronouncements to a handful of delusional and often times transient adherents.

Perhaps the best utility in Nine Letters is that it may fatally wreck the RCP. This would most definitely be a good thing since RCP has spent the last decade wrecking Maoism internationally. Personally though, I ambivalent about whether another organization springs forth or if the RCP chugs on mostly unscathed. Between a third FRSO or a new-age cult pyramid scheme that claims “Maoism,” neither one is much better than the other.

Good riddance to the whole lot,
Red Guard Camper

P.S. Someone should forward Nine Letters to Scott Harrison. I’m sure this is just the type of thing he’s looking for.

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